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Want to take the plunge and start the electronic cigarette?

Looking for a new e-cig?

Missing an accessory?

In kits or spare parts, Omniavape offers you a qualitative catalogue of accessories to intensify your steam experience.
New models or unavoidable, we bring a choice as diversified as possible, for the greatest happiness of our steamers - beginners or not!

All the necessary equipment for your electronic cigarette.

Have you ever wanted to create your own e-cig? How many times have you wondered if this was possible? What if you were told that it is possible to create your own custom-made electronic cigarette? That's why we created this section so that you have everything you need to create your own electronic cigarette.

Even if you are not looking to create your own e-cigarette, your vaporization equipment sometimes breaks down. It is difficult to obtain replacement parts, which is why our catalogue offers a wide range of spare parts. The catalogue is as varied as possible to meet all the needs, preferences and tastes of the various steamers.

On the accessories page, you will find products such as the H2 battery box to protect your unused batteries, the Xtar VP4 battery charger and the Samsung INR21700. Whatever spray accessory you need, you can find it here. It doesn't matter if it's a charger, a case or a squonk bottle.

It is sometimes complicated to choose the right atormizer for your kit, the choice is important because it is the ato that will decide the intensity of the taste of your e-liquid. Our catalogue offers all-in-one beginner kits and professional equipment such as meca mods.

Don't forget to check out our new equipment and don't hesitate to try it out!

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