Voopoo, created in 2014, has very much become one of the largest suppliers of electronic cigarettes in the world of the vape. Voopoo designs quality products with very careful finishing. The Voopoo brand is based on promoting the development of humanity in a healthy way and offers very safe products. As a manufacturer specialising in compact complete kits, Voopoo has taken an interest in the world of pods and has invaded the world of the vape with its pod mods, especially with its very high tech Vinci pod! Since 2017 Voopoo offers you very reactive chipsets which are very appreciated by first time or experienced vaporisers. Voopoo has developed the Gene.Pod, Gene.Fit, Gene.trio chipsets and has patented the MAAT technology for its tanks (Middle Adjustable Airflow Tank). Voopoo knows its users well and always wants to create the best products to make them happy.

List of VooPoo products


The Vinci X Voopoo pod makes the life of the experienced vaporizer easier and seduces the first time user because it is very easy to use. Its look is very original, it is declined in very pretty colors and this Vinci X Voopoo pod knows how to be discreet while being original. This Vinci X Voopoo pod fits easily in a pocket without risk of leakage and has an excellent grip. It works with a 18650 battery (not included) and has a maximum power of 70w. The Vinci X Voopoo Pod allows you to change the draft by turning the cartridge 180 degrees and gives you a tighter or airy vape. It gives you beautiful clouds of steam! The Vinci cartridge of the Vinci X Voopoo pod is a real clearomizer, with a 5.5 ml reservoir, with its vapour in direct or indirect inhalation, and it has 2 adjustable airflows that will customize your vapour. The Vinci cartridge is compatible with all PnP Voopoo resistors (excellent in terms of flavor) as well as the PnP RBA Vinci tray. 2 mesh heaters are supplied with the Voopoo pod. Its TFT color screen shows you the number of puffs, your consumption of the last 14 days, and all the information you need for a top vape. A real concentrate of technology, the Vinci X Voopoo pod is equipped with an Ai chipset. If you want a small electronic cigarette but very autonomous in e-liquid and energy, this Vinci X Voopoo pod is for you.

For first-time smokers who want a simple electronic cigarette, the Voopoo brand offers the Find Trio Voopoo of 60 grams, one of the smallest on the market. The Voopoo brand offers it in a range of pretty colors and its unique and modern look will please all vaporizers. With its integrated battery of 1200 mAh and its M PnP resistors, you will have a perfect flavor from the first puff. Its resistors allow a very fast heating time and this Find Trio Voopoo is without adjustments, you will just have to press a button for a direct inhalation or direct inhalation vaporizer, you will have the choice. The Find Trio Voopoo benefits from the Gene.Trio chipset and works with cartridges that are very easy to put on and take off. Its 3 ml reservoir fills from the bottom. Equipped with strong safety guards, the Find Trio Voopoo offers you a great half-DL steaming experience with big clouds of steam and sweet flavors.

For the new vaporizers, Voopoo has also designed the PnP 22/20 AIO Kit Voopoo, 2 pen kits in stainless steel and very nice colors. User-friendly and very comfortable to grip, the PnP 22/20 AIO Kit Voopoo is very reliable and intuitive, therefore very easy to use. The Voopoo Pnp 22 Kit Voopoo has a built-in 2000 mAh battery and develops a power up to 50w. In the Voopoo PnP 22 Kit you will find a VM1 PnP coil, compatible with all PnP coils for those who need more flavor. The Voopoo PnP 20 kit has a built-in 1500 mAh battery and develops a power up to 40w. In this Voopoo PnP 20 kit you will have a VM 3 PnP coil that will guarantee big clouds of steam and intense flavor. The pen kit PnP 22 is a little bigger than the pen kit PnP 20 and on both you will have a battery indicator. Charged both very quickly thanks to the USB cable, with their one-button design, you'll quickly choose between these 2 Voopoo kits.

For all vaporizers, Voopoo has created the Voopoo Navi Pod; larger than a pod is a mod pod. This Pod Navi Voopoo offers the same features as a classic mod and with its 1500 mAh battery it can develop up to 40w. It is a condensed technology and has all the safety protections. The Pod Navi Voopoo combines small size and efficiency and comes in very nice colors. Its Voopoo cartridge has a 3.8 ml reservoir and 3 huge air inlets. The Pnp resistors of the Navi Voopoo pod can be replaced by the Vinci PnP RBA tray. In order to get all the information you need about your vape, your puff count or your autonomy, the Voopoo brand has created a very clear screen on the Pod Navi. It comes with a USB cable and no doubt it will satisfy all steamers.

The Alpha Zip Mini Kit Voopoo is a very classy design, very "haute couture". This Voopoo kit consists of the Alpha Zip mini Voopoo Box and the MAAT Voopoo clearomizer. With its integrated 4400 mAh battery, the Alpha Zip Mini Kit Voopoo can develop up to 120 w and has a very long autonomy. The MAAT clearomizer adopts the original nut shape of the airflows ring. It also adopts the design of built-in backup e-liquid tank; its tank is 4 ml, the Voopoo kit provides another 2 ml pyrex. The top cap is very easy to use. The Alpha Zip Mini Kit Voopoo comes with 2 easy to put Pnp resistors to give you a smooth and pleasant steam very quickly. This Voopoo kit benefits from the Gene.Fit chipset; the FIT menu has been designed to make your steaming easier by automatically adjusting the power according to 3 criteria: FIT 1 for battery saving, FIT 2 for rendering the flavors of the e-liquid and FIT 3 for steam production. This Alpha Zip Mini Kit Voopoo, very refined in its details, will seduce you by its efficiency.

The most complete Voopoo kit is for me the Drag 2 Platinum Voopoo Kit. With its beautiful look and very design, this Voopoo electronic cigarette will delight you if you are a big cloud of steam enthusiast and looking for performance. The box, with its reflective metal door and high quality resin front, can hold clearomizers up to 28 mm in diameter. The Drag box can be locked and is very secure, it offers SS, Ni and Ti modes. The Voopoo brand has associated it in this kit with its subohm U Force T2 clearomizer which works with Voopoo U Force resistors for very good performances. This Voopoo clearomizer fills from the top and its adjustable airflow allows you to play with the intensity of the flavors or the amount of steam. This Drag 2 Platinum Voopoo Kit works with 2 18650 batteries (not included) and develops up to 177 w. It benefits from the dynamic Gene Fit chipset and its 3 new modes: FIT 1 for battery economy, FIT 2 for flavor rendering and FIT 3 for steam production. With its large shooting button and its very ergonomic handling, you will love this very powerful Grag 2 Platinum Voopoo Kit.

Avec l’excellente qualité de ses produits, la marque Voopoo a acquis une très grande réputation dans le monde de la vape. Omniavape aime beaucoup ses innovations et ses conceptions brillantes qui s’adressent autant aux vapoteurs primo-accédants qu’aux vapoteurs aguerris.

Le Kit Drag X Plus est équipé du chipset Gen Fan 2.0 et prêt a recevoir un accu 21700 ou 18650. L'adapteur est livré dans le kit
Cette nouvelle box de chez Voopoo propose deux modes de vape: le mode RBA pour atteindre une puissance maximale de 100 watts, et le mode Smart qui règle automatiquement la puissance en fonction de la résistance installée!

La Drag X Plus vous sera livrée avec le tout nouveau clearomiseur TTP d'une contenance de 5.5ml d'e-liquide maximum, le remplissage se fait toujours par le bas.
Il est compatible avec tout les résistance TPP et est aussi compatible avec les cartouches TPP, Voopoo n'a pas oublié de lui fournir un airflow réglable et très précis.