A&L - Flavours and Liquids

Created in 2012 by Julien Argaud, an electronic cigarette enthusiast, the company Flavors and Liquids was founded in France, near Saint Etienne. Market leader in e liquids for electronic cigarette, the brand Flavors and Liquids, has quickly become a must. This company A and L (shorter than Aromas and Liquids!) is a French manufacturer and only creates, develops and produces in France with French quality standards that are demanding.

A&L Products List - Flavours and Liquids


Thanks to the quality, A et L has become a reference on the DIY liquid market, at a time when DIY-knowing vaporisers were not legion! Make your own electronic cigarette liquid was very confidential in 2012, but the bet of A & L has been won. The flavors offered by A and L are very fruit-oriented and the recipes for the DIY are very simple to make. Fruit, always fruit and a little freshness to delight the taste buds! With its Ultimate range, A and L offers all the flavors you can imagine, always very original, which prevents you from falling into the trap of the routine of the electronic cigarette. You can make yourself the e liquid you want and change when you want, the price of A and L concentrates being very soft. 

Available in small, full-colour bottles, the Ultimate A and L range is very extensive and very tasty. The creators of the A and L products have been able to combine the aromas perfectly and finely to create intense flavours seen nowhere else. With the Ultimate Leviathan you'll feel like eating strawberries; in its V2 Green Edition, A and L has put more sugar, the product has lost some of its bitterness. With the Ultimate Shinigami, you will bite into a green apple. Sprayers love it! It exists in Zero and Green versions. With the Ultimate Ifrit V2, it's the aroma of the apple fritter! You should have thought about it! With the Fury, it will be mango and it exists in Zero and Sweet Edition. With the Ultimate Shinobi Green Edition, the recipe is secretly kept, but it is fruity and refreshing. With the Ultimate Succube, it will be watermelon, raspberries and lemon . It exists in Green Edition.

With the Shiva, you'll only discover mint, but what a mint!! With the Nagato Sweet Edition, you'll feel like you're at the movies with the flavor of popcorn combined with the flavor of crème brûlée. With the Ultimate Valkyrie it is red fruits that are put in the spotlight. It is available in Zero and Green Edition. I've saved the two best sellers of the A and L brand, the Ultimate Oni and the Ultimate Ragnarok, for the end. With the Ultimate Oni, you will find lime combined with a mix of citrus and a touch of freshness. Explosive! Available in Zero and Green Edition. With the Ultimate Ragnarok, it will be a powerful blend of blackberries, raspberries, strawberries and blueberries and a touch of freshness. An overpowering mix with an amazing freshness! Available in Zero, Legend and Green Edition. 

The A and L brand gives mythological and legendary names to its creations, and some of its creations are already legends! A et L offers all its concentrates to be mixed with a 50/50 PG/VG DIY base. Thanks to its flexible bottle with a fine tip (and child-proof), you pour a percentage of 4 to 10% of concentrate in your base, depending on the taste you want to obtain. Then you let your mixture stew for 1 to 30 days so that your concentrate can develop a maximum of flavours. Be careful, this step is very important, it is essential! It's up to you to add, or not, flavor or base at the end of the maturation process so that the liquid is completely at your convenience. And that's it! Thanks to A and L the DIY is really very simple! It's up to you! To get the most pleasure out of your liquid, choose a good material...