Vaporesso is a world-renowned brand of electronic cigarettes. Vaporesso alone has more than 1000 patents! It was founded in Schenzhen, the hub of the Vaporesso industry, in 2015 by its parent company Smoore, founded in 2006. Vaporesso is one of the oldest brands of vaporization, it is dedicated to making the cigarette safe and of very high quality. Moreover, it is the favorite brand of the French! That's why Omniavape put it in its catalog. Needless to say that Vaporesso benefits from all the innovative technology and is very creative and is aimed at all vaporisers, first time users or experienced, and we quickly realize that power is not reserved for pros! We remind of course that the electronic cigarette is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women, and is better than traditional tobacco for people suffering from cardiovascular disease.

List of Vaporesso products


Vaporesso offers all-in-one vapor kits that are a great way to start vaporizing. It's up to you to choose the best kit for your style of vaporization!

The Swag kit from Vaporesso will seduce you with its small electronic cigarette in box format, a very simple starter kit with a power of up to 80 w. The Swag box is very compact, very simple and elegant. It is small, inconspicuous and stylish with its soft touch coating. Its Oled display will allow you to make your settings quickly and easily. The Swag box is very versatile and is suitable for all new and old vaporizers.

The NRG Swag Kit, Swag Box and NRG Tank Keyaromizer, will be for you if you are a demanding person. Attention, the 18650 batteries are not included!

The Vaporesso Luxury kit is a kit that is intended for all vaporizers as well. It has all the necessary features thanks to its Omni board 4.2: its interface is clear, and its screen allows easy navigation through the menus. Several modes are available, including wattage mode, temperature control mode, by-pass mode or variable curve wattage mode. Its performance is exceptional, it is a very high tech model like Vaporesso knows how to do it!

The Vaporesso Luxe Nano kit will seduce you with its very high comfort, its power up to 80 w, its elegance, its colours (look at the rainbow colour!), and the flexibility of a mod. Its Vaporesso SK RR-S clearomizer SK RR-S gives a perfect balance between steam and flavor and is overpowering. It will allow you to make very big clouds of steam! It also prevents liquid from rising to the drip tip and reduces leakage. No more need to fill it several times a day, its 8 ml reservoir is giant... We can say that we are in the high-end of the electronic cigarette!

The Veco Solo kit from Vaporesso is for beginners; it is a miniature electronic cigarette (82 grams!) for subohm vapor and is easy to use with its express filling. Moreover the resistances are not expensive and can be changed easily.

Vaporesso's Target II mini kit charges it in just 1 hour! Its look is very design and the look of its VN Tank 22 clearomizer from Vaporesso is very successful. Moreover, with it you can change the resistors without having to empty the liquid tank.

The Vaporesso Nano Tarot Kit is small but strong! It can go up to 80 w and has an excellent autonomy. Very easy to use, it adapts to everyone. Its Veco clearomizer and its omniboard make it particularly suitable for vaporizers wishing to increase power. I'm not talking about its colors! Superb!

For experienced vaporizers, Vaporesso offers the Pod Target PM 80 kit, a very powerful electronic cigarette mod type, which can reach 80 w. You will have a very cloudy vapour! This does not prevent it is very elegant and has a long autonomy with its 4 ml tank.

Vaporesso, given its experience and creativity, always proposes new models that Omniavape takes pleasure in putting in its catalogue. Vaporesso has not finished surprising us...