Vandy Vape

The very famous electronic cigarette brand Vandy Vape was born in Hong Kong in 2016 and is aimed primarily at experienced vaporisers who are adept at reconstructing. The creators of the Vandy Vape brand are passionate about rebuildable material; they share their passion with a large number of experienced vaporisers who are looking for very high quality material at competitive prices. Even if the Vandy Vape brand is rather recent on the world market of the vape, it already has its place there! Vandy Vape has made a name for itself thanks to highly innovative and ingenious products with perfect finishes.

List of Vandy Vape products


The Vandy Vape brand created the famous Govad GDR, a very successful dripper. The Vandy Vape brand listens to its users and knows how to satisfy them. The equipment that Vandy Vape offers is always very trendy and efficient, and its price is often very low. If Vandy Vape has placed itself so quickly on the world market it is thanks to its innovations and inspiration; the world of the electronic cigarette is moving very fast and Vandy Vape has understood this. This brand offers incredible reconstructible atomizers type RTA, RDA or RDTA as resistive wire Kanthal A1 coils for your resistors or boxes. 

In terms of performance, the Mato RDTA Vandy Vape is unanimously acclaimed. This reconstructible spray mono coil of 24 mm in diameter, with a clean look, is for the beginner as well as the experienced vaporizer as it is easy to use. Vandy Vape has used on this reconstructible spray Mato RDTA an effective method but not often used: to conduct the e liquid to the cotton 4 steel cables are inserted into the tank. This gives an excellent rendition of flavors, not to mention the production of steam! The mounting tray is spacious and can accommodate the triple fused clapton, designed by Vandy Vape for this Mato RDTA, like most resistive wires. The Mato RDTA comes with 1 x 0.23 ohm Ni80 fused clapton coil. The airflow sliding ring is very precise and you will be able to adjust your draft. The Mato RDTA Reconstructible Atomizer is designed for direct inhalation above all. Its 5 ml Pyrex reservoir is simply filled from the top; if you do not worry about filling, this reconstructible atomizer comes with a Pin bottom feeder to adapt this Mato RDTA to a Box Squonk. This reconstructible atomizer, cheap, will certainly seduce you, whether you start or not in the reconstructible, if you like a flavor-oriented vape. 

For beginners and experienced alike, Vandy Vape has released the 3rd version of its Pyro atomizer: the Pyro V3 by Vandy Vape, always so easy to use. With an efficiency out of the ordinary, this rebuildable atomizer remains above all a RDTA, you will find the tank at the bottom of the atomizer and the mounting plate on the top. This double postless mounting tray is very spacious and has 4 mounting points. It allows single or double coil mounting very easily. This Pyro V3 atomizer comes with 2 fused clapton coils, 0.33 ohm each, and the Coil League Guide that will allow you to cut the resistors to the right size. Vandy Vape really does everything to make your life easier! The Pyro V3's 4 ml tank is tighter than on older versions, so no more leaks. The airflow of the Pyro V3 has been redesigned and T-shaped placed at the top of the reconstructible spray is perfect for customizing your vape and amplify the flavors of your e liquid. More quality also, the drip tip 810 resin, available in beautiful colors, offers an opening of 12 mm. As you can see, this reconstructible spray Pyro V3 from Vandy Vape is really very successful. As always 

At Vandy Vape the materials are of very good quality and the line of the spray Pyro V3 is worked, well thought out. 

New version of the Kylin, the reconstructible Kylin M RTA Vandy Vape sprayer is the epitome of success. To give it a longer life, Vandy Vape has put a mesh coil in this reconstructible Kylin M RTA sprayer. It comes with 2 meshs of 0.15 ohm and 2 meshs of 0.2 ohm. The assembly of the mesh coil on the Kylin M RTA Vandy Vape is one of the simplest on the market. With its 19 holes in the shape of a wasp's nest, the airflow will allow you a direct inhalation, an airy and excellent vape, for all vaporizers. With a diameter of 24 mm, the reconstructible atomizer Kylin M RTA Vandy Vape comes with 2 reservoirs, 1 of 3 ml and 1 of 4.5 ml, and a drip tip adapter 510. With, in addition, its drip tip 810 in colored resin, the reconstructible spray Kylin M RTA Vandy Vape reconstructible sprayer fits most boxes on the market. The top cap is also at the top! Vandy Vape has notched it to have it better in hand when filling the tank. With its classic and discreet look, with impeccable finishes, this small reconstructible spray Kylin M RTA is small only by its size! It was created by Vandy Vape to give you maximum pleasure in your vape as it is effective! 

Vandy Vape also creates boxes for electronic cigarettes, such as the Jackaroo Vandy Vape Box with a very attractive look. Thanks to all its technical features, the Box Jackaroo Vandy Vape is one of the most versatile boxes on the market. This Vandy Vape Jackaroo Box Jackaroo works with a 18650, 20700 or 21700 battery (not included), which gives it a great autonomy. The Vandy Vape chipset of the Jackaroo Box, which of course integrates all safety protections, allows you powers from 5 to 100 w. This Vandy Vape chipset has several modes of use such as power, voltage, bypass or temperature, and recognizes resistors from 0.05 ohm to 3 ohm. No doubt that this Box Jackaroo will make you live a breathtaking vape experience! Practical and light, the Box Jackaroo is very resistant to shocks, dust and even water (IP 67 certification), it fits the shape of the hand and is made for the nomadic steamer. The Vandy Vape Jackaroo Box Jackaroo can be personalised thanks to its interchangeable G10 panels, and the Led screen, with its attractive display that delivers all the information, can also be matched to the colour of the panels. With its carefully chosen materials, an alloy of zinc and silicone, Vandy Vape has created a very aesthetic box with technical features rarely seen elsewhere. 

For off-road power, Vandy Vape created the Trident kit. This Vandy Vape Trident kit looks like a mech mod but, thanks to its bypass mode, everything is automatic. Waterproof and shock and dust resistant (IP 67 certification), this Trident from Vandy Vape has an exceptional grip thanks to its silicone gel surface and it looks strong right away. The Trident Vandy Vape kit works with a 18650 battery (not included) and a 0.15 ohm mesh 80 resistor integrated, but which you can replace, and it has a 5 ml Pyrex reservoir. Thanks to its high performance LED chipset, you will be able to monitor the voltage delivered by the Trident and the battery charge level as the colour will change according to the level. Of course, Vandy Vape has put on this Trident a breathtaking airflow that will give you a very high level, sub ohm and powerful vape in complete safety. All this at a competitive price, like all Vandy Vape equipment. 

As you can see, the brand Vandy Vape offers you all the material for electronic cigarette and it does it in an exemplary way. The finishes of Vandy Vape products are always outstanding, and its products very often verge on perfection for the demanding vaporisers conquered by this Vandy Vape brand. Omniavape is demanding too, which is why we love this brand. Especially since the price/quality ratio of Vandy Vape products is unbeatable! Let's not forget that the use of the electronic cigarette is not recommended for pregnant women and people suffering from cardiovascular disease.