In the vape, the DIY (or Do It Yourself) is the fact of making your own e-liquid.

There are thousands, even millions of e-liquids. But yet, you still haven't found THE flavor you like...
With a little practice, it is now possible to create the flavour of your dreams.
This is
achieved by mixing flavours and base
(nicotinised or not).
Cool, isn't it? 3...2...1... DIY!

The DIY, making your own personalized e-liquid

The number of steamers who prefer to make their own e-liquids is constantly growing, it is easy to understand why. Who wouldn't want to have their e-liquid made to measure to satisfy their taste buds as much as possible? The DiY offer just that, it allows you to explore your tastes and choices that you will not find among the thousands, even millions, of other e-liquids already available on the market.

In this section, we will cover everything you need to create your own custom e-liquid. You will find accessories such as the 230 ml Twist Graduated bottle and the small 15 ml EZ Dripper bottle to fill your DIY vape. You will find a variety of bottles and drippers just for you!

To start, you will need a basis to be able to manufacture your e-liquid. Our selection of bases allows us to prepare a perfect base. Bases, such as Just Base, contain vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) mixed in a perfect ratio for a quality and tasty stew. We also have nicotine boosters in case you want a dose of nicotine in your vape.

If you are just starting out as a steamer and you don't know which flavours to choose, Omniavape covers you. We have covered all kinds of flavours - Classic, Cocktails, Fresh, Fruity and Gourmet. You will find a variety of classics such as Don Cristo Pistachio and Revolute Cabat, as well as cocktails such as Tropical Wink and fruity flavors such as Kxs Absolute Aroma Liquid Apple Lemon. Some of the favorite flavors of popular brands and new products are also included.

When manufacturing e-liquid to be vaper, most vaporizers encounter difficulties in calculating the quantities of ingredients to be used. This must no longer be a problem. Our Ready To DIY packs cover you. The affordable packs will allow you to prepare 230 ml of your favorite vape with exact precision without making any calculations. In addition to the 230 ml bottle used to mix ingredients, the bag also contains a liquid base of PG and VG in a 50:50 ratio, a concentrated flavour and a nicotine booster. The pack will make your DiY experience child's play!

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