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The electronic cigarette is, in recent years, the most effective means for smoking cessation. It is not us who say so, but the latest scientific studies in this area. Sometimes criticized, there is no doubt about its effectiveness.

Increasingly recommended by the medical community, those who have succeeded in quitting smoking thanks to ecig do not want to go backwards. The whole team of Omniavape has successfully quit smoking thanks to the electronic cigarette. However, believe us, we were heavy smokers and we had tried everything possible to stop smoking and tried the ecig by chance for the most part. And there, miracle! It was the revelation and, overnight, the lighters ended up in the drawers. That's why we decided to help as many people as possible by opening this online shop of electronic cigarette.

Omniavape is first and foremost a team of enthusiasts.

Passionate about the electronic cigarette and helping our customers quit smoking for good. For this, we need quality equipment. This is what we try to do, every day, to provide you with safe, effective and reasonably priced vape equipment. We only work with the biggest brands on the market.

For electronic cigarette equipment, we work mainly with Eleaf, Aspire, Vaporesso or Uwell. We have been working with these brands for a very long time for their efficiency and the quality of the equipment they offer us. In addition, they are constantly innovating, whether in terms of the look of their creations or security systems among others.

For e liquids, we prefer French liquids because we have particular affinities with certain brands such as Ekoms, Swoke, Sweety Kill... But we also like American liquids such as Cinema, the Don Cristo range or Twelves Monkey. It all depends on our mood of the moment and what we are looking for to expand our range of e-liquids.

But quality is first and foremost our priority. We bring in new products every week, without exception. It is important for us to offer you, permanently, the latest novelties of electronic cigarettes. The major brands are redoubling their ingenuity to offer you vaporizers incorporating the latest technologies in terms of lightness, reliability and safety. And we owe it to you to offer you this on your online shop Omniavape.

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Omniavape, your reference online store. Equipment, DIY, e-liquids & accessories: everything for your electronic cigarette!

Certified 100% original brands, we are committed to offering you products that will always be of exceptional quality and at the most attractive prices. Essential, new and exclusive products are on the agenda, ready to make you vibrate with steam.

Welcome to Omniavape.

An electronic cigarette, what is it?
An electronic cigarette, what is it?

An electronic cigarette, what is it?

There's nothing really complicated about the e cig. First you have the battery: this is the object in the form of a tube or rectangle on which you just screw your atomizer (or tank or clearomizer). There are 2 possibilities. The first, the battery is integrated, so it is impossible to remove it from the box. For charging, simply plug it into the mains. The ease of charging this type of battery, usually by micro usb, makes it an advantage. Having to leave the battery charging on the mains, usually for an hour, makes it a disadvantage. During this time, you have to wait patiently for the e cig battery to charge.

The second option is with external battery. These are mainly battery types 18650, 20700 or 21700. The first 2 digits indicate the diameter of the battery, the next 2 digits indicate the height of the battery. When your Mod uses this type of battery, charging must be done outside with a dedicated battery charger. The advantage is that when you run out of battery, just change the battery and you're back on your way. The disadvantage is that you need a charger nearby to charge your batteries.

The 2 options of mod, integrated or external battery, have a button that will allow you to make contact and spray your e liquid contained in your atomizer.

Then you have the atomizer (or tank or clearomizer). This is the object that you come to screw on your battery. It is in the tank that you just put your favorite liquid e.

Above this tank is the Drip Tip that you put on your lips. The brands are doubly effective in offering you pleasant drip tips whatever your mode of inhalation, direct or indirect. There are reservoirs of different shapes and different capacities, from 1.5 ml to 8 ml, or even more for some models. It all depends on whether you want a small and discreet model, to be filled often, or a larger model to be filled less often.

Then you come and pour your liquid into this tank. There is every taste you can imagine. The classic, the gourmet, fruity, fresh fruity or menthol. It all depends on your mood, the season and your madness of the moment.

Finally you have a part that is of extreme importance: the resistance (or coil). The resistance is a piece that you must change regularly in order to keep a good flavour and a good steam production. The resistor usually consists of a metal wire in the shape of a spiral in which cotton is placed. When you press the button on your cigarette, the metal wire will start to heat up, which will vaporize the liquid on the cotton. It is a simple system but of a formidable effectiveness.

In some cases, there are Kit (all in one) models where everything we have just described can be found in a single device. It is therefore impossible to unscrew the tank since everything is integrated in one device. The advantage of this type of equipment is mainly its compact shape which is easy to take everywhere you go.

To conclude, you can choose the shape of your e cig, its colour, the type of print and its size. We necessarily have the electronic cigarette you are looking for, whether you want to start the electronic cigarette or you are already a seasoned vaporizer.

What does a liquid consist of?
What does a liquid consist of?

What does a liquid consist of?

The liquid that you will use in your electronic cigarette is specially designed for this use. We advise you not to put anything other than the e liquids recommended for e cig. This liquid consists of Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerine (VG).

PG is mainly used to bind liquid and is recognizable by its very liquid form, unlike VG which is thicker than PG.

Above all, the VG allows for greater steam production. The aromas used for the production of these liquids are specially designed for steam. The range of taste is as wide as it is varied. Take your time to choose your liquid, this is one of the most important points for your smoking cessation.

Indeed, some people will want to use a classic taste in order to get closer to the taste of cigarettes, so as not to make too big a difference. On the contrary, others will rather choose fruity in order to get as far away as possible from the taste of their old cigarette. It's up to each person to see what suits them best. Menthol is also a very widespread and much appreciated solution for its freshness.

Some liquids are already available nicotinated. They are in 10ml. The French brands Savourea or Petit Nuage are excellent. For other e liquids, available in 50ml or 100ml, it will be necessary to add an optional nicotine booster. This booster in 20mg of nicotine will allow you to give the desired level of nicotine to your liquid. To make it simple, a booster in 50ml will allow you to have your liquid in 3mg of nicotine.

Whatever your style of e liquid, you will undoubtedly find the e liquid adapted to your tastes with us, and our teams are there to advise you in the best possible way.

What's a DIY?
What's a DIY?

What's a DIY?

DIY or Do It Yourself is the fact of making your own liquid. You buy separately the flavours, the base (PG/VG) and, as an option, the Nicotine Boosters. The variety of flavours available is as varied as that of the e liquids. Once again, we strongly recommend that you use flavorings specially designed for the creation of electronic cigarette liquids.

The recommended dilution rate, generally 5% to 20%, will be indicated on each flavour vial. You then come to integrate your base. The higher the VG rate, the thicker your liquid will be.

Attention, some tanks prefer more or less thick liquids in order to avoid the risks of leaks if the liquid is too liquid (too much PG), or to avoid the fouling of resistors too fast if the liquid is too thick (too much VG). Our employees are there to advise you, do not hesitate to ask their opinion if you have any doubt about a liquid.

The main advantage of the DIY is the cost. Indeed, you make your own liquid, so there is no intermediary; moreover it allows you to concentrate the aromas according to your taste. If you like the taste of your liquid to be strong, you simply add more aromas. On the other hand, if you like your liquid lighter in taste, you put less. It's a bit like your grenadine, which you like more or less sweet.

The main disadvantage of the DIY is the resting time: some blends must rest for several weeks in order to give off their full flavour, especially the gourmet or classic aromas. This is called the steep time and this criterion should be taken into account when you make your liquid. The fruity aromas are faster and require little steep time before being vaporized. For some, a few days are enough.

Why choose Omniavape?
Why choose Omniavape?

Why choose Omniavape?

Omniavape always offers you the best prices on the market, the best possible quality, the latest novelties and 100% original products. No clones or copies at Omniavape.

Don't forget also to visit our section Good plans of the vape in order to benefit from material, e liquid, DIY or accessories at very soft prices. This section is updated regularly and is visible in the main menu.

Please note that all your orders placed before noon will be lovingly prepared by our team of pickers, and shipped the same day (except Saturday, Sunday and holidays).

In addition, our advisors are available to answer your questions on Facebook or by email during office hours. Feel free to ask them any questions you may have. They are there for that and, in addition to being enthusiasts, they are experts in the field of vape. They will be able to help you, whether you are a first time steamer or a seasoned steamer.

And, icing on the cake, our loyalty system: with every purchase you earn points. These points can be exchanged when you wish for gifts with your next order. This system allows you to benefit from more than 10% discount. The more you buy, the more points you have and the more gifts you get.

Finally, shipping is free for orders over 24.90€ (for metropolitan France) and 49.90€ for the rest of Europe. There are no small or large customers at Omniavape. Even if you forgot an item, you don't need to make a big basket to benefit from free shipping.

And that's pretty cool!